How to use Reddit’s scary stories feature

How to use Reddit’s scary stories feature

June 17, 2021 Comments Off on How to use Reddit’s scary stories feature By admin

A new feature designed to help users find and share scary stories is launching in Reddit.

The feature, which lets users search through thousands of archived stories from the past month and view more than 1,000 posts tagged with the phrase “surprising, scary, or terrifying,” is designed to be “as accessible as possible,” said Reddit CEO Steve Huffman in a post announcing the feature.

Users will be able to search for specific stories, search for archived versions of those stories, or see all archived versions in one place.

The news site’s newsroom has not yet announced the launch date for the feature, but Huffman said he expects it to be available to users soon.

“The feature is designed with users in mind, so it will take some time for it to roll out to users,” Huffman wrote.

“We’re planning to make it available for all of our users at the same time.”

The feature has already been tested with users of the popular news site Reddit, which previously had a version of the feature that was accessible only to people who logged in with a Google account.

The new feature will be made available to all Reddit users on March 3, Huffman added.

For more, read Recode’s Recode Decode podcast.

The move comes after Reddit CEO Ellen Pao stepped down in February, and Huffman announced a hiring freeze in April that affected more than 70,000 employees.

Reddit users are one of the biggest groups of users on the site, and the company has said the feature will help improve the news site by adding to its existing user-generated content.

The announcement follows a number of other changes to Reddit’s user-friendly interface, including the addition of a search bar and redesigned Reddit home page.

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