How to know if you’re being duped

How to know if you’re being duped

July 6, 2021 Comments Off on How to know if you’re being duped By admin

The story is being shared across social media and on YouTube by an American couple who says they bought a Toyota Corolla from a dealership in Australia for $2,800 but were duped into thinking it was a new vehicle.

A woman who has been named as Cyntoias Brown, who works for a marketing firm, says she bought the car in March for $4,000 and received a notice from Toyota in April that it had sold the car for $7,000.

But Brown says she didn’t realize the car was sold until after she got it.

Brown says the car she bought is a 2009 Toyota Camry with the following modifications:Two more exhaust systems, including a twin-cam, an 18-inch alloy wheels and an 18.2-inch aluminum alloy wheels.

And the only modifications are a rear spoiler and an interior light.

Brown says she was told the Corolla she bought had been built by Corolla and Lexus.

Brown and her husband, Michael, who has also worked for Toyota, contacted Toyota’s customer service department to let them know that their car was not an original Corolla.

The company was aware of the car’s existence but did not want to contact Brown or let her know until the car had been delivered, Brown said.

Brown said the dealership said the car it sold was an older model, but not an Toyota model.

Brown’s husband said he did not feel comfortable talking to Toyota’s representatives because they had been paid off to have the car sold.

Brown and her boyfriend, Ryan, who is a security guard, did not know if they were being paid off or being cheated.

Brown has not been paid for her work.

The couple says they are concerned for their safety and have spoken to police.

Toyota spokesman Josh Miller said he could not comment on whether Toyota is aware of this particular case.

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