Why are the NFL owners so adamant about staying away from social media?

Why are the NFL owners so adamant about staying away from social media?

July 10, 2021 Comments Off on Why are the NFL owners so adamant about staying away from social media? By admin

The NFL is set to release its first social media guidelines on Thursday and it will be the first time the league has released any sort of policy since its 2015 decision to ban social media during the 2016 NFL season.

The league’s owners are set to meet in Indianapolis Thursday and the league’s vice president of public policy, Rob Rang, has already spoken out on the subject.

Rang told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the league will be discussing the issue with social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and that the owners will not be giving the same guidelines to the rest of the league.

“This is a conversation that we are going to have, it’s not a discussion we’re going to be having,” Rang said.

“This is not a debate we’re having.”

In an interview with CBS Sports, Rang explained that the NFL’s social media policy will include a “no social media on Sunday” rule.

The rule will also prohibit players from using social media for “business purposes” and “business management purposes.”

Rang also said that the rules won’t be retroactive, which is the most likely scenario for the social media ban to take effect.

The NFL’s players union recently issued a statement that said the NFLPA will have to appeal the ruling in order to reinstate social media.

The rule change is also expected to affect the NFL Draft.

In addition to the ban on social media, the league also said the draft will be banned from all social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

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