Why you shouldn’t trust the latest TV spoilers

Why you shouldn’t trust the latest TV spoilers

August 10, 2021 Comments Off on Why you shouldn’t trust the latest TV spoilers By admin

Two years after it was revealed that Netflix had a “first look” at a new season of House of Cards, we’re still waiting for a definitive statement from the streaming service about when the new season will arrive.

But with the season about to kick off, the company is already putting out a preview for its viewers to get excited about.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Netflix teased the release of the “first peek” of the new “first season” on June 3, which it promised would contain spoilers from both the season premiere and the second half of the first season, but it was clear the streaming company was still waiting to be told when it would air the first teaser.

“We are working with a number of production companies and are excited to announce the premiere of the premiere episode on June 5th, so stay tuned,” the tweet read.

The new teaser is the first official glimpse at the new episodes that Netflix has scheduled for release.

While the show has been streaming since last November, it’s been unclear how many episodes have already been filmed and how much of the season will be made available.

“In addition to season two, we are also continuing to develop new material, including an additional four episodes that will premiere at a later date,” Netflix told The Verge last month.

Netflix’s announcement is a big deal, but also comes as the streaming giant is currently embroiled in an ongoing legal battle with the Federal Trade Commission over its anti-predatory pricing policies.

The FTC is investigating whether Netflix has broken the law by charging extra for its shows, including House of Card.

The streaming giant has previously said that it plans to take the case to the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Netflix has yet to officially confirm when it plans on airing the new House of Crows season.

However, Netflix has also said it has plans to make some of the original series available for purchase through the company’s own store and through Amazon Prime, and has even suggested that the show could be streamed on its own streaming service.

“We want to deliver the best experience possible for consumers who want to watch House of Cats and other Netflix original series on their smart devices, so we are partnering with Amazon Prime Video to offer some of those original series for streaming on Amazon Prime,” a Netflix spokesperson told The New York Times.

“The company also recently announced plans to stream some of its original shows on Hulu Plus, as well as its original series in select countries.”

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