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HITT Retains CWS For RF Shielding Film Installation Project

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. — HITT Builders have retained Commercial Window Shield for a radio frequency [RF] shielding film installation project.

HITT will be renovating one floor in a building occupied by KBR, an international science, technology and engineering solutions company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Within the revamped floor a sensitive compartmented information facility [SCIF] will be constructed.

SCIFs involve the processing of classified information related to U.S. military, national security and defense, and the country’s intelligence network. With the installation of the RF film by Commercial Window Shield on the SCIF glass, a full-proof method of preventing electronic eavesdropping and theft of secure and classified information from computers, cell phones and other technical equipment will be obtained.

Alarmingly, this has become a serious issue in high-security office buildings and in offices with computers storing vital information, either for the federal government or the private sector. In recent years, Commercial Window Shield has become the go-to installer of radio frequency [RF] shielding film.

The project is expected to begin in winter, 2024. As usual, Commercial Window Shield installers will coordinate schedules with other HITT contractors.

The company’s major focus has been security and solar control window film installation. But in addition to RF and blast films, the company also is expert in installing decorative/privacy, switchable smart and anti-bird strike films as well as polycarbonate protective glass systems.

The company has had a close working relationship with HITT since 2008, having completed numerous window film installation projects. In addition to HITT, Commercial Window Shield works with other top general contractors, including DAVIS, Rand Construction, DPR Construction, D/Watts, Harvey-Cleary and Gilbane Building Co.

Commercial Window Shield clients have included the U.S. Capitol, FBI headquarters, the Pentagon, all House of Representative and Library of Congress buildings, Grand Central Terminal, Merrill Lynch headquarters, the United Nations, the Willis [former Sears] Tower, O’Hare and Seattle international airports, and the Philadelphia and Denver mints.

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