A man’s obsession with ‘raw’ porn has resulted in his rape and murder, lawyer says

October 29, 2021 Comments Off on A man’s obsession with ‘raw’ porn has resulted in his rape and murder, lawyer says By admin

Updated October 23, 2018 02:00:58A New York man has pleaded guilty to murder and rape charges in the 2014 killing of a woman who he believed was a prostitute, according to a new report.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez-Mezquida, 28, of New York City, has pleaded not guilty to charges including first-degree murder and first-level rape, according the New York Daily News.

A court in Brooklyn on Tuesday approved his plea, the newspaper reported.

Rodriguez-Mezzquida is facing life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted of murder.

The Daily News quoted prosecutors as saying they were satisfied that Rodriguez-Mizquida had “in fact killed” and “deliberately and maliciously” murdered the woman, whom they allege was raped by him and his girlfriend.

He was also charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Roduez-Mizo is scheduled to be sentenced in April, the paper said.

The case has prompted a slew of online petitions and social media responses from supporters and critics.

Critics of the case also called for the man’s release, and said the case has exposed the growing epidemic of violent sex trafficking.

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How to spot fake porn story headlines

October 28, 2021 Comments Off on How to spot fake porn story headlines By admin

If you think the headlines on fake porn stories are bad, try reading the headline first.

Some are actually from reputable news sources, like Business Insider or the New York Times.

But if you click on them, you’ll see that the story is fake.

For example, the headline on this story claims that “Dating websites have been hit by a wave of cyberattacks, some of which are threatening their business model.”

In fact, the article claims that some dating sites are being hit by an “unprecedented cyberattack.”

The headline isn’t even from a reputable news source.

It’s from a parody site called Fakesafe.

Fake news stories are created by pranksters to distract people from real news stories.

In the fake news story, a news site is being attacked by hackers who are trying to steal information.

The site then posts fake news stories about how to protect yourself from hackers, but the hackers don’t actually steal the information they are trying with.

Instead, they use the hacked site as a platform to spread false information.

Here are some fake porn headlines that could mislead you: 1.

“Cameron Bailey is a model.”

The fake news headline claims that Cameron Bailey is an escort, and that he has a fake website with fake photos.

Cameron Bailey did not have a website for years.

He’s a model who performs for men in porn.

He has not posted on a dating website.

The fake site is an impersonator, and the photos he used are fake.


“Sex robots are coming to porn.”

The article claims Cameron Bailey has a website that shows people having sex with sex robots.

But the sex robots are not robots.

Cameron has a site that shows couples having sex, including couples with young children.

Cameron’s site has not changed since 2015.


“Babies can be hacked to take over the world.”

The bogus article claims to show how babies can be hijacked by hackers.

But it doesn’t do any research before publishing this article.


“A porn star is suing her company, which owns her photos.”

The story claims a porn star who worked for a porn site had her photos stolen by hackers after she started having sex.

The story has not been verified by anyone.


“Maggie’s dad is in the hospital after suffering brain damage.”

The phony story claims Maggie is the victim of a cyberattack.

The real story shows Maggie having sex on a beach with her boyfriend.


“I was robbed at gunpoint by an intruder who threatened to kill me.”

The false article claims a robber got into Maggie’s house, stole her iPhone, and took her laptop.


“My dog was taken away by a predator.”

The hoax article claims the dog was stolen from Maggie’s dog kennel.

The dog was returned to her.


“The world is full of trolls.”

The stories are fake news, and you shouldn’t believe them.

But they’re also not all that shocking to fake news consumers.

They’re just stories designed to distract you from the news.

Fake stories can get around rules designed to protect the public.

For instance, they’re sometimes used to promote news that has been taken down.

If you see a fake news article about a celebrity, ask yourself, “Is this a real article, or is it a story that could be fabricated?”

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What we know about the ‘Reddit Sex Stories’ feature, and why we should be worried about it

October 28, 2021 Comments Off on What we know about the ‘Reddit Sex Stories’ feature, and why we should be worried about it By admin

The social network has been working to remove child pornography and other content related to child exploitation for several years, but the “Reddit Sex Story” feature is a first step toward making it harder for pedophiles to prey on children.

The feature, which debuted earlier this month, allows users to share links to sexually explicit videos and images that have been posted by users of the social network.

A person can also specify that the post they are sharing is from someone they know, or from someone that they are dating or married to.

The post must include a link to a child pornography site or child pornography-related material, and it cannot contain any children.

(Read our review of Reddit’s new anti-child-pornography policy.)

A person is also allowed to share photos of the person in question that are “pornographically similar” to the person’s own photo.

The “Reddit Child Pornography Story” features a link that shows a user’s current location, a description of the image, and a link where the user can click to download a file containing the image.

It is the first time a feature like this has been added to the site.

Reddit’s policy is set to be updated in the coming weeks.

Reddit users have the option of disabling the feature in order to keep it off their site, but many have decided to go ahead with the feature and share it anyway.

The program has been praised by the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children, the Children’s Defense Fund, and other organizations.

But some have questioned its legality and said it is a clear violation of users’ First Amendment rights.

The group says that the Reddit feature violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), and other federal law.

Reddit has responded to these concerns by saying that the feature is meant to be a way for people to share and discuss content on Reddit without being personally involved.

(For more on the subject, read our explainer.)

But the feature has also drawn criticism from users.

“If I share a link on Reddit, I have no way to know if the person who posted it is the child abuser,” one user wrote on Reddit.

“The child abuser may be the person sharing it, but no one can prove that person is the person abusing the child.”

Another user said that the “ladyboy” feature violates a users’ right to privacy, saying that it should be removed.

Reddit announced its plans to remove the feature earlier this year.

The company says that it was working to implement an opt-out system for the feature, but that it could take up to five years before that happens.

“We are committed to keeping Reddit safe and welcoming everyone who wants to share their thoughts and opinions on all aspects of the Internet,” Reddit said in a statement.

The announcement comes as a growing number of people are becoming worried about their online privacy.

(Here’s what you need to know about online privacy.)

Some users have been posting about the “Child Porn Story” section in a bid to keep their online safety secure, while others have posted that they would prefer that they could never share the images.

Reddit said that it has already removed over 50,000 posts that violated its terms of service.

Some have said that they will continue to post “liked” content from the site in the hopes that it will keep them safe.

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‘Birds of a feather flock together’ for ‘Bones’ sequel: ‘I hope we can all get along’

October 27, 2021 Comments Off on ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ for ‘Bones’ sequel: ‘I hope we can all get along’ By admin

BONES stars John Krasinski, Laura Prepon, Kristin Bauer and Jon Hamm will return for the sequel to their 2014 hit, and the two-time Oscar winner hopes that they can all “get along.”

“I think that’s kind of an amazing thing that we have a lot of similarities in the way that we write,” Hamm told the Hollywood Reporter.

“We’ve had some really good chemistry.

I think it’s a great opportunity for us to all get together and have a good time.”

It’s been nearly two years since BONES left theaters, but Hamm was asked if he thinks he’ll ever work with Krasinksi again.

“I hope that we can do it,” Hamm said.

“I think it would be fun to be friends with him again, but I also hope that it’s going to be a really good experience for everyone.”BONES will be released in theaters in 2018.

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The Philadelphia Story: Moneyball

October 27, 2021 Comments Off on The Philadelphia Story: Moneyball By admin

The Philadelphia story begins with the city’s largest company, the city of Philadelphia.

It’s in the center of a booming tech industry that is transforming the city and its residents.

But when the city loses money in its failed bid to acquire the world’s largest public pension fund, it finds itself facing a series of ethical dilemmas that will ultimately drive the city to the brink of bankruptcy.

In this new episode of The Lad Podcast, we’re joined by author Matt Taibbi and host Joe Mantegna to explore what it’s like to be a reporter in Philadelphia, the importance of storytelling, and why the best stories happen on the margins of the world.

If you like this podcast, please subscribe to The Lad and rate it on iTunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud.

Follow Matt Taibi on Twitter and Instagram, or follow Joe Mantigna on Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

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How to be a feminist, a man, a woman, and a lesbian in 2016

October 27, 2021 Comments Off on How to be a feminist, a man, a woman, and a lesbian in 2016 By admin

Women can be feminists, white men men, queer men, and any other gender-neutral identity in 2016.

But what if you’re a man?

What if you identify as a lesbian?

How do you tell the difference between male and female?

I have a simple question for you: What is your gender?

Is it your biological sex?

Is that a person’s biological sex, or a person who identifies as a gender-less person?

Do you identify by your gender, or by the gender you identify with?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you might be a man.

The answer is that you are, or at least you might have been.

If not, I’ve collected a few helpful resources for anyone who identifies in any of those ways.

I know it’s been a while since we last talked about men.

It’s been seven years since the “men in dresses” campaign hit the internet.

But I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time.

I’ve talked about it on my blog, Men’s Health, on Facebook, and elsewhere, and I have been a guest on a number of radio shows about men’s health and male privilege.

But this isn’t about men, or men-only radio shows.

This is about men who identify as men and are men.

And I’m writing this post for men and men who are men, too.

So, here goes.1.

You are a man in the literal sense.

You have the genetic makeup of a man — you are born male.

Your genitals do not vary in size, shape, or color.

You do not have any chromosomal makeup that affects your reproductive organs.

And you do not need to be circumcised to be male.

If you do decide to have a male baby, you will not have to wait until your child is six years old to decide whether or not he is a boy or girl.

If that baby has a penis, he will be male, and if that baby does not have a penis he will not be a boy.

So there.

That is the most basic of the facts about who you are.2.

You don’t have to identify as male.

You can be both male and non-binary.

You could be trans, asexual, or an intersex person, and all of these identities are equally valid.

But you don’t need to identify yourself as male to be transgender.

That’s because trans women do not require a male body in order to feel female.

And intersex people do not want a male or female body in their bodies.

And gender-nonconforming people don’t require a female or male body either.

Transgender people do.

And trans people do have genitals, and gender-conforming and gender dysphoric people do, too, which is why you can’t have a gender transition without having a gender reassignment surgery.

So yes, you can be male and be a gender nonconforming person, but there is nothing in the human genome that would change your gender identity, or your genitalia.

And, frankly, you are not the only person who has a different gender identity.3.

You’re not required to identify with your biological gender.

If your biological male is the male you were assigned at birth, you don “really” identify as that gender, and you are free to identify that gender.

It is up to you, as a person, to determine how that identity is conveyed and to determine what gender-specific behaviors you might choose to adopt in order that you can live a fulfilling life.

If, however, your biological female is the female you were born as, you may have some difficulty with this, as you have not yet fully understood the differences between a male and a female.

If this is your first gender reassessment and you find that you have a hard time articulating your gender in any way other than the “male” gender, you’re going to have to come to terms with the fact that you may not be as male as you thought you were.

You may be a little more masculine than you thought.

You might be more feminine than you imagined you were, and this may be helpful in determining how you might express your gender.

This isn’t something to freak out about.

It may be the case that you might not be masculine enough.

Or you might find yourself more feminine, in that you want to feel like you’re not a woman at all, but you are masculine enough to not be identified as that.

Whatever your feelings are, it doesn’t matter.

You just have to accept that you’re an individual who is not a gender binary.4.

You DO need to do the “man thing.”

This is a common misconception that’s hard to shake.

Many men assume that they are not required, by virtue of being male, to identify their gender with a penis.

And this is simply not true.

In fact, many men are required to


How to make your children’s toys and games fun again

October 22, 2021 Comments Off on How to make your children’s toys and games fun again By admin

3,1,3,4,2,4 source Techradar title Here are 5 tricks to get your kids to play with toys again article 4,2,-,3,-,2 source Tech Radar title 12 Ways to Teach Kids to Stop Making Games article 3,-,4,-,5,-,6 source Tech Media title 5 Ways to Make Your Children Laugh Again article 3,,,-,0,-,1,-,9,0 source Tech Radar title Why are Kids So Afraid of Toy Cars?

article 2,-,-,-,8,-,-3,-,- source TechMedia title 3 Ways to Build Your Kids’ Dreams article 3,.5,-,-.5,-.4,-.2,1 source TechTrends title 7 Ways to Keep Your Children Healthy and Happy article 2,0,0.5,1.5-1.1,0-1,1-1,-,-1-0 source 1,0,.5,0.-,1.-,-,- article TechTrend

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How to Create a Christmas Story for the Family

October 22, 2021 Comments Off on How to Create a Christmas Story for the Family By admin

Christmas stories are one of the most important parts of our lives, and they are the foundation for all of our other holidays.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at how to create a Christmas story for your family and friends to enjoy.

We’re not going to give you a list of Christmas classics, but you’ll be able to create your own.

What is a Christmas Movie?

A Christmas movie is the main event of your family Christmas, and it’s not just for children.

In fact, there are a number of movies you can watch together to build up the atmosphere of a family Christmas.

The idea is to have a large, festive event where all your friends come together and enjoy the company of family and loved ones.

In the early 1900s, movies like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Fantasia, and the Disney Channel are all considered classic Christmas movies.

Today these classics are considered cult favorites, but they are still enjoyed by many families.

You can find a number films available online for download, but if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can find some of your favorite Christmas movies on Blu-ray or DVD.

What are the Different Types of Christmas Movies?

There are a variety of different types of Christmas movies available online, including: Classic Christmas Movies – This type of movie is basically just a traditional family movie.

This type is great for people of all ages and there are lots of classics to choose from.

The classic films are usually rated A-plus and feature characters that are both good and bad.

You’ll also find classic holiday classics like Christmas Carols, The Great Gatsby, The Lion King, and Santa Claus.

Classic Holiday Movies – These are very different, but not as different as the classics.

Classic holiday movies are typically rated B-plus or higher, but many classics, like The Nutcracker, Santa Claus, and Sleeping Beauty, are available for streaming.

Classic Christmas Specials – These special episodes are usually only available on Blu

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‘We’re in a very strange time’: Tech companies in a post-Snowden world

October 22, 2021 Comments Off on ‘We’re in a very strange time’: Tech companies in a post-Snowden world By admin

The tech industry is facing a new round of uncertainty and upheaval.

Amid a sea of uncertainty over the fate of the open internet, the rise of new platforms like Uber and Airbnb and the rise in popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, one thing is clear: The era of ubiquitous connectivity is here to stay.

With technology companies in the spotlight, it’s time to examine what’s next and what we can do to help.

Here are five trends shaping the next wave of connected world commerce.


The new economy The most disruptive technology to emerge in the last decade has been the sharing economy.

By 2025, the number of Americans with access to an Internet connection could surpass that of all Americans combined.

But many tech giants aren’t interested in disrupting this new economy and are instead focused on competing against it.

They’re building their own businesses in ways that are increasingly taking advantage of the Internet’s open nature.

As a result, the sharing revolution is now taking on an increasingly global character.

That means that it’s important to look beyond the big companies to understand how the new economy is evolving.

That’s why we’ll be focusing on the big players in the next few years.

The Next Big Tech Trends for the Next Generation, 2025-2030: How do the tech giants compare to their peers?

The first major technology industry to embrace the sharing platform model is Facebook, which has more than 70 million active users worldwide.

Its founders say they want to democratize their platform, which gives them more control over what you see and share.

“It’s more than a social network; it’s more like an ecosystem, where we are all a part of,” says Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

And Facebook’s platform is already gaining traction in other sectors, like health care and agriculture.

Facebook is one of the biggest players in a new market of the sharing sector: the “sharing economy.”

What does it mean for the economy?

According to Mark Pincus, a senior analyst with Forrester Research, the “share economy” is a new category of business that enables people to share goods, services and experiences that are usually beyond their reach.

Pincuses, for example, could rent a bike, or take their child on a trip that is outside their home, without needing to go to a retail store or spend thousands of dollars on a rental car.

This new type of business has been a boon for businesses and consumers alike.

And in 2025, a new generation of people will be entering the sharing business.

As technology becomes more ubiquitous, it will be the “internet of things,” in which consumers can connect to sensors and wearables to control devices like a car or house lights.

The internet of things will change the way businesses work, from manufacturing to logistics to retail.

The future of business?

Will the sharing of goods and services be a part and parcel of the economy as we know it?

Or will it be a separate and distinct market?

Will we see new types of business models emerge from the sharing and the sharing network?

And what will the economy look like in 2030?


The sharing economy is shifting from an economy of scarcity to a business of abundance For the sharing industry to thrive, it needs to have a supply chain that’s secure and stable.

Companies like Airbnb are now building their platforms on the principle that they are providing a marketplace of choice, which means they are offering consumers the ability to rent out their space to other users.

Airbnb is expanding into the retail space, selling rental apartments and letting people share their homes.

And this type of offering is now being made available to the hospitality industry.

“I think that this is going to be the biggest market for Airbnb, in terms of scale, the ability for the company to grow,” says Michael Riedel, chief executive of the hospitality group at Cushman & Wolfson, a New York-based accounting and advisory firm.

“And Airbnb is going places in the hospitality sector.

It’s going to expand to everything.”


Social media will be a major force in the sharing future A new generation is becoming increasingly connected through social media.

The rise of online communities like Twitter and Instagram has led to a growing number of social networks, where people are sharing and sharing more.

In 2025, more than half of American adults have a social media account.

And as we’ve seen with Airbnb and other sharing platforms, the way that people interact online is changing.

With new social networks like Facebook and Instagram, it becomes easier to be a member of the “community” and share content, such as news, pictures, videos and recipes.

In this new environment, the role of big tech companies will grow even more important as they work to expand their businesses and become more relevant to the new age of sharing.


The shift from scarcity to abundance will be felt in new ways A new type is emerging in the social network industry, called “shared networks.”

The sharing of information

When your wife is sharing stories about vagrants

October 21, 2021 Comments Off on When your wife is sharing stories about vagrants By admin

My wife shared a few stories about a vagrant recently and it made me feel very uneasy, so I decided to ask her about it.

I started asking her about her husband’s situation when he was in the hospital, and she told me that he has been receiving medical attention for some time.

She then went on to share a couple of stories about his experience with his wife and how it changed her outlook on life.

She said she was also surprised by the amount of support that she received from her husband.

She told me she got the message and started sharing stories of her own experiences with vagrants around the world, mostly about how she is a victim of the human trafficking industry and how she was able to help her husband out.

After sharing these stories, I started to feel a lot better about the situation my wife and I were in, and I felt a lot more empowered to take a stand against human trafficking.

This post is part of a series I’m calling ‘Your Stories on the Internet’ and will be updated regularly.

I’m excited to share these stories with you, and hopefully you will join me on this journey.


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