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The truth about the murder of Michelle Duggar

November 1, 2021 Comments Off on The truth about the murder of Michelle Duggar By admin

Michelle Duggars daughter, Daphne, is now facing an even bigger challenge.

According to reports, Diahne Duggar has filed a federal lawsuit against her parents for allegedly forcing her to have a baby while she was pregnant with her brother.

Her lawsuit claims that Michelle Dugger forced her to undergo an abortion in an attempt to keep her pregnancy a secret.

The Duggar family has denied the allegations.

However, the lawsuit filed by Daphna’s attorney claims that Daphnes father and Michelle Duggers husband were “engaged in a concerted effort to cover up and destroy evidence that D.D. had the illegal abortion.”

It says that the alleged conspiracy took place in 2011 and that Michelle had attempted to force Daphnea to have an abortion by making a false statement that she would have an ultrasound and the fetus would be born at home.

According a press release from Daphanews.com, Michelle Duggan’s attorneys claim that Diahna was “forced” to have the abortion at her father’s request and that she had been “abused and humiliated” by her mother.

The lawsuit claims the parents’ actions “were intended to conceal Daphanas identity from the public and conceal the true nature of the abortion.”

In the lawsuit, D. D. says she was “sexually abused by D. Michelle Duggarts husband and by her sister, Dannette.

Daphnia was forced to carry Daphans pregnancy for the duration of the pregnancy in an effort to conceal her identity.”

The lawsuit says that Dajes father told Daphany that she was too old to have children, but Daphannah “was denied access to the birth control she needed to prevent the fetus from becoming a baby and causing Daphanie physical pain and suffering.”

In a statement, D,Dajes attorney Mark Geragos said, “Daphne and her mother Michelle are fighting to ensure Daphania Duggar and her siblings’ privacy is respected and the truth is revealed.”

The Duggars have denied the accusations.

They have also not commented on the lawsuit.


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