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Digital Detox – Do You Need One?

We may be sitting during one of the most connected eras ever in the history of human civilization but that does not mean that having tech practically at our fingertips is free of any negatives. Which brings us to the question: how much technology is enough? And when does it become too much? Though it may be quite a task, especially if you are prone to using the internet all day long–for work, play, and leisure– but occasionally switching off your devices might be positive for you in the longer run. Especially allowing you to be more present with your near and dear ones, than the way you usually are!

Conducting Your Detox Mindfully

A digital detox does not only mean switching off all your devices and taking a break from the internet. It is done consciously so that you are aware of the effects of too much screen time on yourself. What makes it helpful in many ways is that it’s proven to be a great stress reliever while improving sleep quality, and enhancing both personal and professional relationships in the process. But ultimately a digital detox depends on how a person wants to conduct their detox period. And what duration do they feel comfortable with? If you like to surf and scroll endlessly on your smartphone, usually losing track of the time, then it’s time for a change!

Instead of having another person point out your flaws, why not detox all your digital toxins away? Not only does it give you that much-needed screen break, but it puts a pause on all kinds of technology in general, as well. Disconnecting from all kinds of gadgets for a certain period in a day or some days can practically help you big time. While technology will continue to have a major influence on the human population in general, it doesn’t have to take over one’s life. After all, with every pro, comes a con. Hence, before your digital habits take an unhealthy turn, why not transform them into something more positive?

Transform Your Compulsive Online Habits Before They Take A Dangerous Turn!

Keep away from all gadgets and devices, if you are worried about getting hit by FOMO. Or consistently feel the itch to pick up the phone again during your detox. Initially, it may be difficult but remember that there is no right time to prioritize your mental health! Remind yourself the reasons why you are going for a detox. Are you doing this for yourself or following some popular trend that’s floating on the internet? To some folks, this could be an instinctual thing, and to many others, it could help to maintain or restore that balance they lost in their fast-paced lives!

Hence, if you are tempted to binge on your favorite season just because you are using one of those spectacular monthly Spectrum deals, then we suggest that you hold your horses tight because this detox is much required. When done right, a digital detox flushes out your compulsion to consistently keep up with the rest of the world, bringing it under control! But these are not just the only advantages that one finds with a digital detox. Here are some more:

Controls Stress Levels

Over the years, tech has become a major source of concern for amplifying stress levels in users to magnanimous amounts. That’s because people are not just using the internet for fun anymore but for work too! So if you are constantly online and never seem to take a break from digital devices, it does raise an alarm. Constantly being online makes one compare their life and its various aspects to others. After all, everything that you view on the web is not to be believed.

So, if one posts about their achievements or their supposed blessings, know that it’s only one side of the coin. After all, nobody likes to post their failures or shortcomings. Don’t be disheartened if you see someone claiming their successes. Chances are it might be a rare occasion for the person as well. Know that everybody has their journey and their timeline to follow. Don’t let social comparison be a silent killer for your talent, character, personality, or relationships. Switch off your tech-based devices when you feel overwhelmed by all the activity and digital noise that’s around you.

Boosts Quality of Sleep & Periods of Rest

One of the major advantages of detoxing your digital life is that you will be improving your overall mental health. Constant engagement with the web and all your gadgets does affect mental health. Which in turn affects your stress levels and ultimately your rest and your quality of sleep. Hence, if you are in search of a way to minimize digital activity and want to focus more on your rest periods, that’s when a digital detox is highly recommended. Studies show that people who spend a lot of time online, eventually end up affecting their mental health negatively. This is followed by consistent social pressure to lead the perfect life that looks desirable, both online and off, hurting self-image in the longer run.

To lower stress levels and protect your health (and sanity), switching off devices and going offline can turn out to be beneficial. For instance, teen dance performers noticed an improvement in their body image, when they switched off from social media. Within a matter of a few days, their anxiety levels decreased and social comparison was minimized. Turning off all things tech, eventually helped them attain more peace at night, elevating their sleep quality immensely! While this resulted in gradually balancing levels of melatonin, it also helped to drastically reduce eye strain. Therefore if dry eyes, headaches, or blurriness were an issue for them, a digital detox proved to be favorable =, giving their health and their eyes that much-needed rest.

Strengthens Social Relationships

Are you one of those who have a new checklist with a new dawn? If this is you, then your day is probably stuffed with a humungous task list that mostly involves a lot of screen time. In this case, a digital detox proves to be quite helpful as it gives you a pause in your daily run while helping you re-evaluate your priorities for the day. Chances are you have probably been slacking in the human connection area and have not been able to connect with your loved ones, even with everyone gathered together.

Research in this domain has found that when people unplugged themselves from the internet, their well-being and social connections saw an immediate positive boost. Hence, the parental rule – no cellphones at the table – is quite useful as it leads to stronger and healthier binding between different family members. And even those, with whom you want to keep a connection.

The Bottom Line,

To wrap up this blog article, information and tech may have brought the world to you, practically at your fingertips. But consistent reliance on internet technology can become a serious health and social issue if a person is not being careful. That’s where the digital detox would not just give you that much-needed space for a break but will also keep all kinds of unhealthy digital habits in check so that you can live a mindful and stress-free life. Take the chance and go for that detox, if you feel now is the time to add meaning and improve bonding in your life. Hurry now!

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